Which do you prefer, the life we have today or the life we had before?

“Don’t let yesterday take up too much of today.”

Between life that we have today and the life we had before, many of us would prefer the life we had in the past because it is a belief that life of Filipinos before taught them to be discplined, respect and be mindful but on the contrary, the life before is a abomination.

You don’t have the rights to do things right, you don’t have the freedom to do things according to your will and what we had before caged Filipinos’ hope, freedom, dreams and life because only powerful and rich can do.

But today, every dreamer can dream and work hard for it with no restrictions and dictators because we are all now free and that’s all thanks of course to our dear heroes taht fought for us.

I may don’t have the rights to dictate to my own baseless opinion about this matter but for me, i would prefer the life today because i believe that the life back then is still affiliated in todays’ but has a huge difference.

The life today is upgraded as technologies keep on improving, we are all concious of our rights and freedom and very informed about things we must not ignore.

Aside from that, we can live the way we want things according to our will with equality and assurance that we have the right to fight for ourselves.

“Today is the pupil of yesterday, so do today what should be done because your tomorrow might never come”.

Hello everyone! This is weyn, I’m back!

Anyways, I wrote this because this is an activity for my UCSP (Understanding Culture, Society and Politics) subject. It is a reflection paper about life today and before of Filipinos. I hope i did it right because i really didn’t know how to do it properly but anyways, i hope you enjoy reading it. Have a nice day everyone! Again, this is your friend, weyn 🖤

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